PPF’s Activist Council

Our Activist Council members are the hands and feet of the PPF – the hands and feet in the world working for peace. Individuals and Organizations who commit to follow the nonviolent way of Jesus and be active in and contribute to the work of PPF are welcomed and encouraged to join the Activist Council.

Sign up here for individual membership and here for organizational membership.

Activist Council members lead and participate in nonviolent actions and demonstrations, set the priorities of the PPF, and elect the members to serve on the Executive Committee. We meet two times per year for learning and action together. Our most recent gathering was in September 2019 in Baltimore, MD. Join our newsletter for info about future gatherings.

“PPF is my church; I need the clear commitment to nonviolent action. It’s the combination of faith in love and the activism.”
– Anne Barstow, Activist Council member

AC members also participate in the working groups of PPF:

Middle East
Creation Justice (Fossil Free)
Gun Violence Prevention
Anti-Racism and Dismantling White Supremacy
Peace Churches
Development Committee
Endowment Committee

​We hope you’ll join this important work! Once you have joined online, someone from our staff will contact you to learn more about your particular calling to peacemaking and see how we can connect you with others in PPF who are working on issues that you care about.

Activist Council Members
In alphabetical order:

Jill Acree
Vicki Aderman
Phyllis Albritton
Casey James Aldridge
Morgen Asher
Ashley Bair (Staff)
Lois Read Baker
Anne Barstow
David Barker
Amgad Beblawi
Leonard Bjorkman
Chuck Booker
Elizabeth Branch
William Branch
Emily Brewer (Staff)
Sherry Shurden Brewer
Beverly Brewster
Abby Castle Brockway
Geoff Browning (Executive Committee)
Crawford Brubaker
Claire Butler
Julia H Burkley
John A Calhoun
Katherine Carboni
Christine Caton
Laura Choi
Lal B Chhuangi
Aric Clark (Executive Committee)
Le Anne Clausen De Montes
Barbara Clawson
Amber R Clifford-Napoleone
Pauline Coffman
Ted R Collins
Ben Daniel
J. Mark Davidson
Kathy Dean
Daniel DeBrucker
Susan DeGeorge
Sara Biggs Dorrien-Christians
Keith Dove
Colleen Earp
Linda Eastwood
David Ensign
Elizabeth Evans
Benjamin Fitzgerald-Fye
Cassandra Fraley
Jonathan Freeman
Annica Gage (Executive Committee)
Bill Galvin
Christa Galvin (Staff)
Eric Garbison
Zoe Garry
Bruce Gillette
Catherine Gillette
Phoebe Girard
Lisa Gray
Fritz Gutwein
Mary Gutwein
Ruth Hamilton
Robert Hansen
MaryAnn Harwell
Pete Haws
Edward “Jim” Hayes
Abigail Heimach-Snipes
Ben Heimach-Snipes
Carol Henig
Ivan Herman
Ainsley Herrick
Andrea Hickerson
Deanna Hollas (Staff)
Peggy Howland
Art Hunt (Staff)
Cheryl Hunt
Douglas Hunt
Mary Hunt
Staci J Imes
Trevor Jeyaraj
Earl Johnson
Hannah Johnson
Parrish Jones
Jacob Kennedy
Abby King-Kaiser
Peter Kulakosky
Eric Ledermann
Judith “Judy” Lee
Ann Legg
Rev. Margaret Leonard
Jessie Light-Wells
Joseph “JJ” Marasigan
Rachel VanKirk Mathews
Emmy McClelland
Will McGarvey
Kaylyn McGhee
Heather J McKee
Rev. Kathryn McLean
James McLeod
Jim McPherson
Barb McRae
Donald Mead
Brian Merritt
Ashley Drake Mertz
Mary Mitchell
abby mohaupt (Executive Committee)
Samuel P Monte
Melanie Monzon
Tianna Mudd
Katie Mulligan
Scott Munson
Ruth Noel
Julienne Oldfield
Eric Oliver
Jan Orr-Harter
Whitney Rae Palmer (Executive Committee)
Joseph Paparone
Jewel Payne
Jean Marie Peacock
Bemene Piaro
Steve Plank
Wayne Potter
Roger Scott Powers
Sarah Prager (Staff)
Robin Pugh
Susan Quass
Tamara Razzano
Luke Rembold
Bruce Reyes-Chow
Dylan Rooke
Robert Ross
Margery Rossi (Executive Committee)
Rebecca Segers
Elizabeth Shannon
Ted Shohfi
Elizabeth Simpson (Executive Committee)
Alex Skinner
Carson Buchanan Smith
Barbara Smith
Traci Smith
Jennifer Soule-Hill (Executive Committee)
Donald Spencer
Rev. Monica Styron
Schaunel L Steinnagel
Peter A Sulyok
Cathryn Surgenor
Rachel Sutphin
Phillip T. Swank
Olivia (Liv) H. Thomas
Linda Thomson
Melinda Thompson
Mitchell Trigger
Rebekah Tucker-Motley
Rick Ufford-Chase (Executive Committee)
Daniel Van Beek
Rev. Shannan Vance-Ocampo
Rob Vaughan
Lucy Waechter Webb
Emma Warman
Phineas Washer
Sylvia Washer
Kara Watkins
Lynn Webster
Elizabeth Welliver
Marilyn White (Executive Committee)
William White
David Wiley
Angela Williams
Thomas Williams
AmyBeth Willis
Terra Winston
Alison Wood
Julie Woodson
Timothy Wotring (Executive Committee)

We celebrate the lives of our AC Member ancestors:

Jim Atwood
Don Beisswenger
William Coop
Dan Fullerton
Mary Grace McCoy