Communique about Mexican Immigration Policy

In Spanish:

(English version below.)


July 31, 2019

To the President of Mexico

To the External Relations Secretary

To the Secretary of the Governorate

To the National Institute of Migration

To the Secretary of Citizen Safety and Protection

To the Attorney General of Justice in the State of Coahuila

To the Attorney General of Children and the Family

To the Executive Commision of Victim Care

Yesterday at least ten migrants, including families with children and teens, said goodbye to the Saltillo Migrant Hospitality House team with the firm intention of taking the railway and trying to arrive in the United States.

On the night of July 31, while they waited for the train barely a kilometer and a half away from the Saltillo Migrant Hospitality House, they were surprised by a joint operation by agents of the National Institute of Migration, the Federal Police, and members of the General Prosecutor of the State of Coahuila, who started to chase them and managed to detain some of them, including a girl and her mother, who they cruelly separated from her baby who is around 2 years old, who was then hidden by the other migrants in a store to save her life when they figured out that members of the Attorney General of Justice in the State of Coahuila were shooting to kill.

A Salvadoran father, whose name we omit to protect his personal information, ran beside his young 8-year-old daughter, who witnessed him killed by the members of the Attorney General of Coahuila.

The persecution of migrants in Mexico has reached an unsustainable extreme. We demand an end to the institutional cruelty that is taking lives and leaving children orphaned, an end to the separation of families, and an end to the endless suffering provoked by the Mexican government and its institutions.

We urge the maximum protection of all of the survivors, the delivery of justice, the reparation of harm and every guarantee of it not recurring, as well as full safety and security for all those working to defend human rights.

The protection of childhood should be an utmost priority- for which we demand the reuniting of families separated by the INM (Institute National de Migración / National Institute of Migration), the Federal Police, and the Attorney General, and that they repair the harm done to the 8-year-old girl.

With profound and total outrage, rejection, and contempt of the Mexican immigration policy.


Alberto Xicoténcatl Carrasco

In the name of all those defendors of the Migrant Hospitality House of Saltillo