American Terrorism

It is time to acknowledge that Alt-right groups that proclaim white supremacy in the United States are terrorist groups. In recent years these groups have grown and since the rise and election of Trump the groups feel protected and empowered. This President both encourages and promotes this behavior and belief system.

Only by seeing the acts committed in the last hours in Charlottesville, Virginia, where people congregated with torches in hand tells us much about who they are and what they believe. Now they no longer need to cover their faces or wear their well-known white suits. Now they feel the right to show themselves, to attack, to encourage violence and to declare themselves with authority and loudly “white and superior race.” These extreme right-wing groups are a real terror in the country and it is time for them to be investigated and condemned.

The church should stand up and denounce the actions of white supremacists both in statements and actions. White supremacy has been and is a cancer on this great nation and we must aggressively address it causes and act to remove it.

“El opresor no sería tan fuerte si no tuviese cómplices entre los propios oprimidos” Beauvoir