Community during coronavirus

Illustration by Katie Blanchard

So many elements of life and community are being forced to adapt and change on a very fast timeline, and so many people are facing great uncertainty and very understandable fear.

We know how to show up for each other in times like these, and we need to.
Public health is our shared and collective responsibility. It is clear that it is vital to practice social distancing as much and as early as possible for the sake of those who are at greatest risk, and for ourselves.
  • PC(USA) General Assembly: GA has been officially changed to a virtual-only event. Let us know your thoughts as we move forward in continuing the essential work of the church, which we know is social justice.
  • Our March 20-23 Accompaniment Training is postponed until further notice. Our partners will continue to need accompaniment, so we absolutely plan to continue with future trainings as soon as it seems possible. Please continue to share and discern about accompaniment and consider applying to be an accompanier.
We want to be attentive for the need for social justice in a time of social distancing. This crisis focuses a spotlight on the tremendous inequalities in our communities. We know there is vast injustice in terms of who can actually work from home, or afford extra supplies, or manage further social isolation.
  • Call your legislators – demand they support a comprehensive response, including paid sick days
  • Support your local bail and bond funds – working to get people free from prisons and detention centers where the risk for infection is especially high.
  • Stop xenophobia and support small businesses – order from your local Chinese restaurant, shop from small businesses online, buy gift cards for future purchases. We know our response has to be greater than consumerism, but where possible, our dollars can support our neighbors’ jobs and health care.
  • Let’s get creative about connection – we are going to learn a lot together about how to connect in new ways during this time.
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…Wash your hands 
like you are washing the only teacup left that your great grandmother carried across the ocean, like you are washing the hair of a beloved who is dying, like you are washing the feet of Grace Lee Boggs, Beyonce, Jesus, your auntie, Audre Lorde, Mary Oliver- you get the picture. 
Like this water is poured from a jug your best friend just carried for three miles from the spring they had to climb a mountain to reach.
Like water is a precious resource 
made from time and miracle…
From Wash Your Hands, by Dori Midnight