Care and Action during Coronavirus – Webinars

Activists and organizers know how to connect and respond to a crisis, even if it is one that requires us to be separate from one another, as Covid-19 does. There are an abundance of opportunities for virtual learning and action in this time, many from our peers and partners, and we encourage everyone to engage and participate as interested and able. You can attend these webinars live, but many of them will also share a recording with you after the fact, if you register and can’t attend live.

Standing on Holy Ground

  • April 15, 2:00pm EST: The Sandy Hook PromiseRegister Here
  • May 27, 2:00pm EST: One Step at a Time: The Trauma Recovery and Rebuilding Process in the Wake of Gun ViolenceRegister Here

Standing Our Holy Ground  is a year-long webinar series that challenges the faith community to stand up against this far-reaching crisis of our day.  Touching on a large variety of topics and utilizing those at the forefront of the work and research, this comprehensive webinar series delves deeply into the epidemic of gun violence and explores the ways in which people of faith and the communities to which they belong can respond and act to bring about change.

Witness From the Border

Join  Fr. Sean Carroll. S.J., to learn about the unfolding situation on the border in light of coronavirus. Joanna Williams, Director of Education and Advocacy, will also speak about the impacts of recent policy changes at the border.

PLUS, Vince Herberholdt will share reflections on how St. Joseph’s Parish, the Jesuit parish in Seattle, Washington, has responded to their experiences at the U.S.-Mexico border with KBI.


The wisdom of Disability Justice Organizers

  • Thursday, April 2 – 7:00pm EST
  • Register here
  • with Patricia Berne, Lydia X. Z. Brown, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Social distancing and our collective efforts to slow the rate of infection for the coronavirus pandemic are bringing real and significant disruptions to our lives, our communities, and our organizing.

The scale of this shift in our social fabric is new, but these are questions that disability justice organizers have been grappling with for years. How can we protect people with compromised immune systems as we work to build people power? How can we organize in a state of constant uncertainty and limitations on physical movement? How do we get the work done while leaving no one behind?

Confronting Forced Migration and Violence in the Americas

  • Saturday and Sunday, April 4th and 5th
  • Register here
  • With SOA Watch, No More Deaths, Veterans for Peace

Together with Stop US Arms to Mexico, Alliance for Global Justice, No More Deaths, Veterans for Peace, and other compas, SOA Watch is facilitating a series of five, one-hour webinar workshops. The series will examine the impacts of US-backed state violence in the Hemisphere, the root causes of forced migration, militarization, and using effective narratives, mutual aid, research, and lobbying to nourish our collective work as we face the current humanitarian crisis.


On the eve of the Wisconsin Democratic Primary, the Racial Justice Has No Borders coalition will host a virtual Town Hall examining where the presidential candidates and their parties currently stand on US military policy, Defense spending, the ongoing ‘War on Terror,’ and militarization at home.

Specifically, the Town Hall will launch a shared campaign demanding the immediate end to the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) that has been the pillar of escalated US military intervention under the banner of the War on Terror.

How to Beat Coronavirus Capitalism

  • View video here
  • With Naomi Klein, Keenanga-Yamahtta Taylor, and Astra Taylor

PPF Accompaniment Coordinator Alison Wood says of this webinar:

“I felt fired up by this teach-in, and inspired to think about how we are being called to build something new together. Emily’s recent post in The Resistance Prays about how the true roots of “apocalypse” are about “unveiling realities” can really be seen here — watch for a clear analysis of the foundational brokenness of our capitalist society and maybe you, like me, will feel hopeful for the first time in weeks about how we might grow out of this together.”

Digital Rally for a People’s Bailout

  • View video here
  • with Stacey Abrams, Rev. Dr. William Barber II, and many more

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re calling on our legislators to put people first, take care of our communities, and protect our democracy during this unprecedented crisis.

Stacey Abrams, Rev. Dr. William Barber II, and nearly two dozen of the nation’s most prominent progressive organizations hosted a #PeoplesBailout digital rally on Sunday, March 29.

The speakers made it clear that the need to come together to demand transformative change is more urgent than ever. Over 7,000 people took part in the digital rally concurrently, and the video received more than 400,000 views