PPF Is Seeking An Executive Director

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About PPF

The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship (PPF) is a nation-wide community of Presbyterians who seek to follow Christ’s call to reject and resist violence of all forms. Founded in 1944 to support Conscientious Objectors to World War II, we have continued to be a prophetic voice within the Presbyterian Church (USA), as well as in partnership with other denominations, faiths and organizations working for peace.

In addition to seeking alternatives to war and violence, the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship enters our ninth decade with a vision that recognizes the current and impending violence related to climate change, as well as an abolitionist and anti-racist theology as foundational to peacemaking. We recognize our call to disrupt and transform the inherently violent systems of colonialism, white supremacy, and unfettered capitalism, as an extension of the disruption of war and violence. We seek an Executive Director who can guide and engage us in fulfilling this vision for PPF and inspire others to join us.

We are a passionate, intergenerational, scrappy, thrifty, volunteer-driven community that builds consensus to make decisions. We have a small part-time staff team. Our current Working Groups are: 

  • Peace Churches – Supporting congregations that declare themselves to be “Peace Churches.”
  • Gun Violence Prevention – Equipping the church to “be the church” in the larger GVP movement.
  • Abolition – Uprooting/transforming structural violence, with a current focus on incarceration.
  • Fossil Free PCUSA – Advocacy for PC(USA) divestment from fossil fuels.

We also have a national network of committed local activists, our “Activist Council” with Co-Moderators, as well as these standing committees: Executive Committee, Personnel Committee, Development Committee, Endowment Committee, and Nominating Committee. We welcome as Executive Director a peacemaker who will coordinate our work to reduce violence in God’s world by helping the church be a community that stands against violence and embraces nonviolent direct action as sacred and effective.


This is a full-time position, involving: some travel, the ability to work both independently and with groups of committed stakeholders across the church, and leadership for significant actions of creativity and daring. We expect the position to average about 40 hours per week. The Executive Director will take appropriate comp time when working significantly more hours in a given week. The Executive Director will work from their current home when not traveling for conferences, assemblies or direct actions.

Job Responsibilities

1. VISION and ADVOCACY – Lead the organization in a compelling witness to the nonviolence of Jesus Christ and the vision of PPF. In collaboration with others in PPF, be the public face of the organization, promoting PPF’s values, positions, and programs at all levels of the PC(USA), in the public arena and in the broader interfaith movement for peace and justice.

2. FUNDRAISING – Be the chief funds developer, cultivating relationships with major donors and working with volunteers and staff to plan fundraising appeals and awards events. Provide staff support to the Development Committee, overseeing the annual development calendar for appeal letters and other campaigns, and implementing creative and efficient avenues for PPF financial support.  

3. PROGRAM COORDINATION & SUPPORT – Lead PPF into the next decade by holding a “bird’s-eye-view” of PPF’s various working groups and committees, and promoting opportunities for improvement and collaboration. Work with others to develop proposals for new programs; ensure the ongoing evaluation of existing programs; provide feedback and support for adapting programs and “laying down” programs as appropriate. Work with staff and volunteers to manage a communications program, which includes input and occasional assistance on newsletters, e-news, social media and other communications.

4. ADMINISTRATION – Ensure that all aspects of PPF administration are managed effectively, including oversight of sound accounting practices and other financial/legal requirements, as well as maintaining consistent personnel policies and practices, in consultation with the Executive and Personnel Committees. Serve as collaborator and supervisor for PPF staff members, providing resources and guidance for staff to be empowered in their roles, as well as corrective or disciplinary action as appropriate. Participate in budget planning and management. Provide staff support to the Activist Council and Executive Committee.


  • Past experience with volunteer organizations and organization-wide managerial responsibility.
  • The courage to speak out and develop actions on difficult and often controversial issues.
  • Curiosity and an invitational spirit, including skills in building consensus and the ability to hold tension at times, rather than forcing an agenda.  
  • A working familiarity and networking skill with peacemaking groups and with the PC(USA).
  • Antiracist in values and practice; inclusive and empowering.
  • Writing and public speaking experience, in person and using appropriate technology/media.
  • A faith commitment to nonviolence and to alternatives to violence in its many forms.
  • An active spiritual life and practice, and an ability to engage, synthesize, and articulate one’s personal and communal theology in the context of peacemaking and public witness.
  • A proven leader who is also relational and collegial, with a confidence in their shepherding authority to help staff members and the larger PPF community synthesize shared values into actionable goals.


The Executive Director reports to the PPF Executive Committee, in consultation with the Personnel Committee. The Personnel Committee is a resource and support to the Executive Director, and evaluates the Executive Director each year.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Salary: $67,107
  • IRA Contribution: 3% ($2,010)
  • Flex Benefit: $8,438
  • Vacation: 4 weeks

How to Apply

All applications will be treated in confidence. Please submit resume, cover letter, and three references to search@presbypeacefellowship.org. Applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received. 

Vision Statement of PPF

Relying on God’s grace, the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship imagines a world of peace where all God’s creation can thrive. We strive, locally and globally, to engage every nonviolent means to disrupt and transform the culture of domination that normalizes racism, ecocide, militarization, and war. We build peace through the abolition of structural violence and by living into alternatives to violence with creativity, intelligence, imagination, and love.