Counter CUFI

Sunday, June 28 - Monday June 29

PPF and the Israel-Palestine Mission Network invite all Presbyterians attending the General Assembly to extend their stay thru June 29 to participate in this important  action with Friends of Sabeel North America in Washington, DC. You can extend your hotel stay in Baltimore and take the train down to DC or book a new hotel in D.C. to join us.

Fill out this interest form to get involved!

In July 2018, PPF joing Friends of Sabeel North America in a powerful, interfaith action in D.C. Our broad coalition of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim activists held marches, sit-ins, and protests in order to denounce Christian Zionism and reclaim our faith as a liberative theology.

CUFI is now claiming over 8 million Christian members and continuing to promote U.S. military funding to Israel, anti-BDS legislation, and Israel’s ongoing settlement expansion. We can no longer allow Christian Zionist influence to go unchallenged. Will you join us this year in confronting CUFI?