Peace Breakfast for Dinner

July 3, 2022

Sunday, July 3

7pm ET / 4pm PT

This whole General Assembly is out of the ordinary, so we’re flipping the tradition of the Peace Breakfast on its head, too! After many years of gathering at GA early in the morning to connect around peacemaking and celebrate the Peaceseeker Award recipients, this year we’re inviting you to make your favorite breakfast for dinner and join us on zoom for learning, celebration, and fellowship.
This event will be hosted by our PPF General Assembly Interns. We’ll play trivia and hear from our Peaceseeker Award winners as well as keynote speaker and climate activist, Svitlana Romanko. Whether you love pancakes or you’re more of a frittata person, we’re looking forward to sharing this time with one another.
We welcome commissioners, delegates and any other Presbyterians and people who want to connect with PPF during this season of the General Assembly.

Join the pancake party!

Guest speaker – Svitlana Romanko

Stand With Ukraine Campaign co-founder and coordinator. Svitlana is a green movement strategist and climate activist who holds a doctorate in Environmental Law, Climate Change Law, Climate Governance and Climate Policy. Previously she worked for, Green Deal projects in Eastern Europe and the Laudato Si Movement. She is based in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.





2021 Peaceseeker Awardees — Miranda Viscoli, and Harry Eberts, Co-Presidents of New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence.

Harry has served as a pastor for 38 years in Lake Forest, IL, Lyndhurst, OH and currently at First Presbyterian Church of Santa Fe, NM. Miranda is an art historian who suspended work on her PhD after the Sandy Hook school shooting to research, write about and take action on gun violence in New Mexico and the USA.



2022 Peaceseeker Awardee — Bart Smith, Voting Rights Activist, Tucson, AZ 

The Reverend Bart Smith (he/him) has had the joy and privilege of being the pastor of St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church in Tucson, Arizona, since March of 2015. Alongside St. Mark’s members and their community partners, he has engaged in ministries of social justice and community organizing– including border and immigraton issues, asylum-seeker hospitality, refugee resettlement, LGBTQIA+ inclusion, housing insecurity, urban poverty, and voting rights.