Fossil Free PCUSA Delegation to Puerto Rico

July 21-31, 2019

Fossil Free PCUSA Delegation to Puerto Rico

Fossil Free PCUSA and the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship have been invited to Puerto Rico by the Rev. José González-Colón as a follow-up to the Fossil Free PCUSA ‘Walk for a Fossil Free World.

Applications have now closed for the Delegation. We look forward to learning from delegates’ experiences with communities in Puerto Rico this July.

Delegation members can expect to experience a widening perspective of climate justice and fossil fuel divestment in a range of intergenerational, secular, and sacred contexts through teach-ins, site visits, and daily worship. This delegation aims to teach its members how to integrate the human ecologies of Puerto Rican/ U.S. societal institutions with the ecology of Puerto Rican land.

Our co-planners in San Juan, Rev. González-Colón and Michelle Muñiz-Vega, are coordinating teach-ins with a range of activists: an environmental lawyer, a local geologist, a food system writer who is widely revered across the Caribbean, and a radical environmental activist group local to San Juan.

Site visits will include visiting an agroecological farm, enjoying El Yunque National Forest and praying over it (in addition to other sites of environmental degradation), spending time in different Presbyterian churches on the island, and visiting ‘el instituto de permacultura.’

Worship and daily life will follow the prayer disciplines of Fossil Free PCUSA’s walk to the Presbyterian Church USA’s 223rd General Assembly while offering a safe space for the pastors and Presbyterians of San Juan to talk about local environmental issues.

As Rev. González-Colón, a participant and teacher during Fossil Free PCUSA’s walk to GA223 has expressed so perfectly and succinctly, “We are still marching.”

Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and Fossil Free PCUSA are committed to keeping this delegation economically accessible and so we are covering the on-the-ground costs for all delegates. If you are able to support this delegation financially, your financial gifts will be put to direct use on costs of transportation, food, and donations to the organizations and communities who spend time telling us their stories. Thank you.

Curious about our delegation?  Contact Fossil Free PCUSA moderator the rev. abby mohaupt at