Petition to Categorically Divest from Fossil Fuels

This June, the PC(USA) was scheduled to consider  –for the fourth time– a vote to categorically divest from fossil fuels, this time at the 224th General Assembly. Because of the COVID pandemic, that committee did not meet, but we know that taking action to stop climate change remains as important as ever. 

That’s why we’re sending this message to the Board of Pensions, to ask them to commit to divesting PC(USA) money from the companies that are destroying our planet. They have the power to decide to divest, and this pandemic makes it as clear as it’s ever been: if it’s wrong to destroy the planet, devastating frontline communities, it’s wrong to profit from that devastation. They need to hear from Presbyterians in the pew and others too, a reminder that this 7-year movement to call for divestment from fossil fuels has been a grassroots movement of the people. This petition will be delivered to the Board of Pensions Executive Team before their October 2020 meeting. Can you join us?

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Dear Environmental & Social Justice Committee members of the 224th General Assembly,

Grace and peace to you in the name of Jesus Christ.

We the undersigned pray in faith that you will vote to divest from the fossil fuel industry as a category (that is, not from just a select few companies). We believe this decision is the most faithful action that the PC(USA) can take in the face of catastrophic climate change. It is a bold step, but the dire reality of climate change requires our unflinching faith.

We know that companies in the fossil fuel industry have had a significant hand in creating and funding the climate change denial movement. Industry executives placed their profits over the health and integrity of the world. As a whole, the industry has created the global climate emergency and thus cannot be trusted now do what it takes for the flourishing of creation.

In addition,

  • The PC(USA) is committed to being a Matthew 25 church, and this text calls us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the lonely, give something to drink to those who are thirsty. Climate change makes each of these suffering moments worse. We cannot be faithful to that biblical call and profit from fossil fuels.
  • It is people who are most marginalized and who have contributed the least to climate change–communities of color and poor communities in the US and around the world–who are suffering first and worst from climate change. We cannot be faithful to our call to love others if we profit from their suffering.
  • The PC(USA) has a long history of working in partnership, where we listen to our partners before we act. Many of our partners are calling upon us to divest completely from fossil fuels. We cannot be faithful to these partnerships and profit from fossil fuels.
  • Many groups from directly-impacted communities have asked for the PC(USA) to take this bold action of categorically divesting (see “organizational signers”). We cannot be faithful to these communities if we do not divest from the industry that harms them.

Categorical divestment tells people in the pews and in the boardrooms that Presbyterians know what’s right and wrong. It is wrong to profit from climate change.

We are like you–people of faith who are concerned about our world and how God is calling us to take action in the world today. We trust in God and each of you. We believe that if the Presbyterian Church (USA) divests fully from the fossil fuel industry, we send a message to the companies and to the world that we are on the side of climate justice, standing with people who are most severely impacted by climate change now, and to future generations that we are doing our best to ensure that they can live and thrive in the Creation of God.

We believe that categorical divestment is the faithful action for the PC(USA) to take this June.

Thank you for serving the PC(USA) as a commissioner, with faithfulness.


Emily Brewer
Jane Laping
Paul R Heins
Rev. Aric Clark
Sherry Shurden Brewer
Bruce Reyes-Chow
George W Bess
Christine Boles
Rev. Shannan Vance-Ocampo
Ben Heimach-Snipes
Rev. Geoff Browning
José González-Colón
Annanda Barclay
Rev. Abbi Heimach-Snipes
Patricia Kinney
Ellen Forbes
Rev. abby mohaupt
Aida Haddad
Daniela Ochoa Gonzalez
Susan R Andrews
AmyBeth Willis
Rev. Robin Blakeman
Hillary Mohaupt
Colleen Earp
Melinda Thompson
Mark Eakin
Mihee Kim Kort
Rev. Will McGarvey
Pam McVety
Rev. Dr. Neddy Astudillo
Rev. Rob Mark
Bob Ross
Laurie Fisher
Barbara Wada
Patricia Hallenbeck
Stuart Ours
Rev. Matthew Ploeger
John Guthrie
John Clewett
Debbie Gibson
Elizabeth Leigh Welliver
Sammie Smith
Christy Williams
Alison Bennett
Theresa Heiker
Kenneth Kronholz, D.Mus.
Marian Thomas
Susan Drilea
Andrew Russell Flanigan
Carlotta Watkins
Karen Larson
Madison Winters
Betty Tom
Mary M West
Kelsey Mayo
Elizabeth Platt
Martha D Paradeis
helen gibbins
Cindy Speas
James Martin
Sarah Dixon
Megan M. Gregory
Dan Terpstra
Rev. Eric Garbison
Rev. Jessie Light-Wells
Jim Hayes
Christopher De La Cruz
Hannah Nalls
Beverly Conway
Elizabeth smith
Jennifer Heimach
Rev. Douglas Orbaker
Pamela Rawlins
Barbara Clawson
Mary D Thorpe
Judi Angell
Leslie Lanphear
Mary Smith
Hugh Nevin
Rev. Joseph Keesecker
Laura Haney
Meg Keeley
Gerald Hopkins
Richard E. Shore
Rick MacArthur
Robert and Carrol Pearson
Walt Miller
Rachel Sutphin
Gerritt and Elizabeth Baker-Smith
Edward Gehres, Jr
Anna Case-Winters
Nancy Pfafflin
Meriie Robertson
Clay Brantley
Barbara Jarmoska
Jack McKee
Gary Lind
Janet Niemeyer
Dale Valaskovic
Ann Grittinger
Sara Bowden
Charles Haws
Jewel Payne
Anthony Palmere
David S Rue
Elizabeth Steve
Emily Wilkins
Jillian Holloway
Wendy Haws
Susan Regier
Rev. John Preston
Susan McLeod
Rev. Rob Vaughan
Tom Enoch
Timothy Wotring
Rev. Dr. Eric O. Ledermann
Ms. Melinda Thompson
Rev. Ashley Drake Mertz
Rev. Steve Plank
Daniela Ochoa Gonzalez
Rev. Rebecca Segers
Edward Hayes
Rev. Deanna Hollas
Rev. Schaunel Steinnagel
Marilyn White
Rev. Elisabeth K Simpson
Rev. Lucy Waechter Webb
Jewel Payne
Rick Ufford-Chase
Rev. Linda Eastwood
Emily Sutphin
rev. richard gibson
Melissa Lopez, pastor
Susan Bransford
Abbey Judd, Elder
Pauline M Coffman
Rev. Jan Orr-Harter
Mrs. Catherine Hutchison
Carson Smith
Sue Waechter
Rev. Elizabeth H. Doolin
Carey Creed
Jake Crowther
Rev. Stephanie Sorge
Sister Veronica Schweyen
Rev. Steve Plank
Donald Mead
Mrs. Diane Alexanderson
Anne F Hughes
Mr. Dick Wunder
Mrs Carolyn Kay Stephens
Ms. Nancy Pfafflin
jahnn gibson
Ms Aubrey Bader
Michael J. Adee, Ph.D.
susan chamberlain
Rev. Linda Wygant
Revs Drs Gerritt and Elizabeth Baker-Smith
Rev. Vivian Lovingood
Dr. F Taylor
Mark Meeks
Mr. John Turnbull
Ms. JL Angell
Mrs. Donna P. Crider
Rev. Juli Wilson-Black
Mrs elizabeth smith
Rick MacArthur pastor
Margaret (Chess) Campbell
Mrs. Pamela Buckardt
Larry Hannon
Emily Vagnoni
Mrs. Cathy Christensen
Mr. Aage Christensen
Erika E. Lauffer
Mr. Jason Nosbaum
Charles Jannsen
David kepley
Maggie McGuire, Elder
Katie Preston, M.Div
Nancy Pienta, Ruling Elder
Julia Sensenbrenner, Ruling Elder
Barb DeLeone
Rev. Alan Jenkins
Jeanne Whitesell, Elder
Sandy Irving
Pastor Larry A. Deyss
Dr. Belle Miller McMaster
Gaela Peters
Mrs Betty Rots
Mr. Rodney Sato
Ms. Jillian Robinson
(Mrs.) Anne Harris Laroche
Edward Gehres, HR
Carol & Al Frechette
Gary Olsen-Hasek
richard e shore
Areta Crowell, Ph.D.
Bill Bowman, Ruling Elder
Meg Keeley, Elder
Dr. Barbara Clawson
Ms. Mary Thorpe
Elder Richard Clark
Rev. Jane Summey
Laura B. Huff
Kenneth R Huff
Rev. Holly Hallman
Professor Roger C. Johnson, PhD
Phyllis T. Albritton, Retired Elder, Trustee
Tim McNinch
Dennis Latta
Rev. Dr. Edwin C. Coon
Pat Schwinn
Norma A Fritsche
Rev. Karen R. Larson
Mrs Mary M Smith
Rev. Kenneth Trauger
Maerha Elizabeth Beach Ms.
Mr. Chris Smith
Hilary Dustin
Ms. Merilie Robertson
Beverly Hoy
Ms. Susan Randerson
Ms. JL Angell (RE)
Ellen Perry, Elder
Sandy Irving
Bob Schminkey, Ruling Elder
Ruth Noel
Elsie McKee
Jerry Rees
Stanley Chappell
Kathy Dean
Gary Simpson, Elder
Julie Woodson
Anne C. Campbell
Karen Picciano, ruling Elder
Ms. Jane Kloeckner
Rev. Russell C. Block
Dr. Nancy T. Block
Betty Forsberg
Dawn Trexel
Richards Karen
Janet Storts, Elder
Emily Dallas
Rev. Jeff Courter
Kate Dunn
Rev. Thia Reggio
Tama Eller
Nancy Hummer, Elder
Elaine Dalgleish
Patricia Ziegel Timm
Nancy Hummer, Elder
Mr. Malcolm Cameron
Marla Creager
Adrian White
Amanda Marbut
Jennifer Heimach
Paula Sandusky
Marietta Macy
Rev. Dave Brown
Rev. Dr. David Oliver-Holder
Maggie Burgess
Revs Drs Gerritt and Elizabeth Baker-Smith
Valerie Krepp
Rev. Paul Uzel
Rev. Ainsley Herrick
Wayne Potter
Rev. Charles Freeman
Rev. Erin Moore
Hannah Lundberg
Jennifer Houston
Catherine Gillette
Ellen Perry
Rev. Cheryl Pyrch
Alison Wood
Marie-France Bunting
Jon Broadway
Leola Specht
Mary Ruth Phillips
Diane Waddell
Eric Beck, MD
Sandy Wolfe Wood, Chair, Eco-Justice Team at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Minneapolis
Rick Person
Rev. Don Fisher, H.R.
Rev. Thad Holcombe
Angela Williams, M.Div
Rev. Kathryn Reid Walker
Rev Thelma Burgonio-Watson
Rev Marlis Stoner
jon broadway
Margery Rossi
James Dunning


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