I March For Myself

I will march on Saturday. I will march because I am angry. I will march because I am scared. I will march because I believe in the policy platform of The Women’s March. Women’s rights are human rights. Gender justice is racial justice is economic justice. I march because my body should be free from violence. I march for my niece and nephew. I march for the children I may, or may not have in the future. I march for that choice. I march to share my story and listen to the stories of strangers and friends. I march to embrace our differences and stand in solidarity together. I march in response to hatred and intolerance. I march because my liberation is bound in yours.

But mostly, I march for myself. I march for the17 year old girl who was sexually assaulted when an older male literally grabbed her by her pussy without consent. I march for that confused girl who felt such shame and embarrassment she never told a soul. I march for the adventuring 23 year old who had her breasts grabbed and butt pinched while walking down the street by two passing males. I march for the 25 year veterinary practice manager who was treated with condescension by male pharmaceutical representatives. I march for that girl who actually held all the power but allowed herself to be intimidated and questioned her own intelligence. I march for the single girl in her mid twenties who tolerated too many groping hands while out dancing with friends.

I march for the self-confident budding feminist who began to speak up while on dates only to be told she was “too this” or “too that” or many times, a bitch. I march for 28 year old who was conned into a timeshare pitch and given the very young, inexperienced salesman. He underestimated her ability to think critically and say no. He became irrationally angry when she refused to buy a timeshare and raised his voice and pointed his finger in her face. I march for the 29 year old who felt extreme nausea when Donald Trump’s 2005 “Access Hollywood” video was leaked. I march for that woman who felt like a scared and embarrassed 17 year old again.

On Saturday I will march because I refuse to accept false value systems that undermine my self worth. On Saturday I will march for my dignity and human rights. I march for myself.