Peace Discernment

The 219th General Assembly (2010) began a six-year process “to Seek Clarity on Whether God Is Calling the Church to Embrace Nonviolence as Its Response to War and Terror.”

We in PPF know that this conversation could transform our denomination, but we need your help to bring the discussion to your corner of the church.

Our Work: Take it to the local congregations!

We’re working to organize Presbyterians across the country to encourage this conversation to happen in as many local congregations as possible. We need your help! Please download the Study and Facilitator’s Guide and plan to use it in your church or Presbytery. Please also let us know of your interest so we can coordinate our efforts nationwide by emailing us at

Get the Study and Faciliator’s Guide

Follow the Conversation

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Want to dig deeper? We know a few good books.

More Background

Download and read the Interim Report (2012) from the Peace Discernment Task Force.