Peace Seeking Churches: PPF Plans Outreach to Congregations

Peace Seeking Churches is a working group of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship Activist Council. Our mission is to promote the values of PPF as recorded in our statements “What We Believe!” and “The Peacemaker’s Creed” by establishing peace partnerships with and supporting the peacemaking efforts of PC (USA) churches, seminaries, and governing bodies.

In general, Peace Seeking Churches work for justice, the promotion and protection of human rights and human dignity, the elimination of violence, the demilitarization of law enforcement, conflict deescalation and conflict resolution, and many other peacemaking activities.

Peace Seeking Churches embrace The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s principle of nonviolence as a way of life for courageous people – active resistance, assertive spiritually, and continuous advocacy for justice.

PPF has led nonviolent direct action for nearly 75 years. During Holy Week in 2015, we adopted the statements “What We Believe!” and “The Peacemaker’s Creed”. Peacemakers were invited to join the Activist Council by affirming the nonviolence of Jesus Christ and their intent to follow him, committing to participating in the life of PPF and pledging ongoing financial support. In 2016, the Activist Council formed the Peace Seeking Churches Working Group along with related working groups for Fossil Fuel Divestment, Peace Communities, Colombia, Middle East, Gun Violence Prevention and Anti-Racism.

We invite you to join us as we build on the work of peacemakers who came before us – drawing from the tradition of Christian pacifism and Christian nonviolence – to help guide our responses to injustice and the PC(USA)’s interpretation of what this deepened commitment means for us today.

As the Peace Seeking Churches Working Group, our initial aspirations are to: establish partnerships with PC(USA) churches, seminaries, and governing bodies to support and share their peacemaking successes, challenges, and plans; provide peacemaking training, speakers and resources; publicize local peacemaking work; and promote local and regional peacemaking cooperation. We invite you to join our group and help to develop and guide our work.

Peace Seeking Churches Working Group contact person: Art Hunt, or 203-288-3530.