Presbyterian Peace Camp – June 2020

Thank you for joining Peace Camp!

Thank you to everyone who helped make Peace Camp possible: to everyone who participated by showing up, to everyone who made a video for the Peace Breakfast or led a teach-in, to everyone who shared it with their friends, and to the team who made it happen.

Although it was not a typical camp experience–there were no lakes or s’mores, but there was a campfire!–it was ten days full of learning, prayer, action, and connection. Thank you.

The devotionals, teach-ins, Peace Breakfast, and links to worship resources are now available on this page so you can easily access them and continue learning about how to support Native sovereignty and human rights, divestment from fossil fuels and the call to defund the police, family leave as a justice issue, gun violence prevention, and more.

Peace Camp events:



  • Opening Vigil (songs, prayer, reflection, complete with a campfire!)
  • Closing Vigil (more songs, prayer, reflection, and another campfire!)
Other Resources: 

GA Rock!: A song and animation about Presbyterian polity. Delightfully nerdy, fun, and useful! Music by Matthew Black, animation by Germantown Studios.