Sermon: The Culture of Violence and the Beloved Community

This sermon was delivered on January 20, 2013 to a community-wide, interfaith and interracial gathering to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther, King, Jr., in Highstown, NJ.  The preacher was Tom F. Driver, The Paul J. Tillich Professor of Theology and Culture Emeritus, Union Theological Seminary in New York.

“Martin Luther King, Jr. had learned the truth of that from the black experience in America.  And he knew, as Jesus and the Hebrew prophets did, that the sword is always a weapon of injustice.  That is why he spoke of militarism as one of the “giant triplets,” going hand in hand with racism and materialism.  These add up to what we are beginning to recognize as a culture of violence.  It is so much in the news right now, as part of the national debate about gun control, that I will not take time to list all its features.  What I want us to see is that our culture of violence is the expression of a certain spirit.”

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