Response to Insurrection

Yesterday (January 6, 2021) we witnessed an alarming insurrection in the US as pro-Trump supporters broke into the Capitol building. Their events yesterday were alarming, but not surprising given Trump’s rhetoric and threats and the increasing fascism and overt violence we have seen in the past weeks and years.

We know that democracy is fragile, and we remain rooted in the history and principle of active nonviolence as we seek to protect democracy and continue to challenge the powers and principalities. We know also that this work must be done in all our communities and in coalition with many groups. In that spirit, we look to Choose Democracy and encourage all of us to follow their advice to contact our representatives:

At this moment, we do not believe the events of January 6 require a national mass mobilization. We believe such an action could severely backfire by giving Trump an excuse to call in the troops. Other pillars of society are responding with appropriate behaviors, further suggesting this is not a viable coup. However, we are closely monitoring as these fast-moving events unfold.

The deeper work of preserving and expanding our democracy remains ahead: fighting for greater voter access, working to transform the media landscape, and pressuring politicians to reform the electoral system. Contact your House and Senate representatives — especially if you live in a Republican district — to send a message that Trump supporters are not the only ones they have to worry about in the next election.