Truly Just, Kind, and Humble: A Peace Camp Devotional by the Gun Violence Prevention Working Group

This devotional is a part of a series for the June 2020 Presbyterian Peace Camp: A Virtual Week of Learning, Prayer, and Action. It was written by the Gun Violence Prevention Working Group of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship. 

What would it mean for us to be truly just, kind, and humble?

It means we would have to confront and change the injustice and cruelty of our legal,
political, and economic systems. We would have to protect every person, of every color, from
poverty, disease, hatred and violence.

Much of the violence in our country involves guns—and gun violence disproportionately
affects people of color. Gunfire is a daily occurrence: drive-by shootings and accidents take the
lives of far too many children; young black men are too frequently shot on the street for no
reason; domestic violence and guns are a deadly mix for too many women.
We can no longer tolerate this status quo. While we lobby for changes like banning
assault weapons and requiring universal background checks, we must strive even harder to
change the culture that protects guns more than human lives.

We have much work to do, but do not be overwhelmed. We are not alone in this work. As
we reflect on how each of us can do justice and love kindness in our world today, let us
remember Micah’s prophecy: God is with us when we walk humbly on the road to justice for all
people, for this is what God requires of us.

Loving God,
As we greet this day, open our hearts to listen with mercy, to show kindness,
and to see every person we meet as one of your precious children.
Use our hands to bring safety, equality, and justice to every life,
and keep us ever mindful that you are with us
as we walk humbly on the path to your kingdom. Amen.