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A PPF Accompanier Report: Visit to Finca San Juan Tocauga, San Juan Ciénega, Municipality of Luruaco, Atlántico Department April 6-8, 2016

El Tamarindo was a community of 123 families from 5 different Colombian provinces who had settled on 520 hectares of unused land on the periphery of Colombia’s third largest city, Barranquilla. Most had fled their small plots of land hundreds of miles away after family members and neighbors were murdered by paramilitaries, military, or guerrillas. El Tamarindo’s displaced families incorporated to secure legal standing before the state.

A Pathway to Just Peace in Israel-Palestine

The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship thanks the Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy (ACSWP) for its document, Israel-Palestine: For Human Values in the Absence of a Just Peace. That document, produced by a study team of the denomination appointed in response to an overture passed at the last General Assembly, provides an important overview of the evolving situation on the ground in Israel and Palestine. We commend this document for study by all Presbyterians, and especially by Commissioners to the forth-coming meeting of the General Assembly of the PC(USA).

Presbyterian Bill Coop to Receive 2016 Peaceseeker Award for Global & Local Mission

The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship will honor Rev. William Coop with the 2016 Peaceseeker Award at the Peace Breakfast on June 22 at the meeting of the PC (USA) General Assembly in Portland. Founded in 1944, the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship is a nation-wide community of Presbyterians who seek to follow the nonviolence of Jesus by working to reduce war and violence in the world. The Peaceseeker Award is its highest honor.

PPF Activists Council and Another Day to Make the Wrong Things Right

Throughout our three days, we talked about faith-based organizing, creation justice and how to challenge suffering and oppression in our own communities and around the world. Each day of the gathering was grounded in a sacred time of worship that expressed our desires for justice and peace, and that both healed and inspired.

Are They REALLY Talking about Drafting Women??

With the combat restriction for women in the US Armed Forces now lifted, discussion of draft registration is back in the news, the courts, and the halls of congress. But the problems with Selective Service System (SSS) Registration go much deeper than gender equality. There is little political interest in bringing back the draft. Yet draft registration remains a burden upon our nation’s young men – and now, potentially our young women, as well.


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