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Religious groups back human rights in Philippines

Torture, killings haven’t slowed since 2006 GA resolution

Who Causes the Violence in Colombia?

by Sarah Henken, PPF Colombia Accompaniment Coordinator

On March 6, 2008 I was privileged to participate along with a number of other PPFers in a demonstration in Washington DC that remembered the victims of the violence in Colombia—the many thousands who have lost their lives, those who have been disappeared, as well as the millions who have been forcibly displaced from their lands and those who continue to face harassment, persecution, and assassination for their insistence in standing up for human rights.

Forty-Two Peacemakers Arrested in DC

by Matt Black

Peacemaking is not a fair weather activity.

Last year, at the first Christian Peace Witness for Iraq, I was one of the 222 who were arrested in front of the White House. We had moved through snow throughout the day and struggled in the bitter cold late in the evening until we were arrested.

This year, it was the rain.

Presbyterian delegation returns from the Philippines

Group expresses solidarity with embattled UCCP

by Roger Scott Powers

Sign the Pledge for Peace

A new initiative has been launched by peace organizations, inviting church leaders to make a strong stand for peace.

The Pledge for Peace is a document that challenges leaders to live out their commitments as peacemakers in concrete ways.

Read and sign the pledge at


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