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  • Response to Insurrection (1/7/2021) - Yesterday (January 6, 2021) we witnessed an alarming insurrection in the US as pro-Trump supporters broke into the Capitol building. Their events yesterday were alarming, but not surprising given Trump’s rhetoric and threats and the increasing fascism and overt violence we have seen in the past weeks and years. We know that democracy is fragile, … Read More
  • Stony Point Center Statement on Stony Point Center Transitions (11/9/2020) - Like so many, we in the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship are deeply saddened to hear of the new phase that Stony Point Center will be entering into where they will dramatically downsize and lay off all of the staff.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Presbyterian Mission Agency, which manages Stony Point Center, decided in October … Read More
  • Permission to Grieve (11/4/2020) - Beloved peace seekers, We write while the result of the presidential election is still uncertain and may remain uncertain for some time. We wish we were with you to make you a cup of tea, or give you a hug, or whatever you would find comforting, probably because we’re reaching for some small thing that … Read More
  • PPF Mourns Peacemaker Albeiro Suárez after Assassination (10/30/2020) - We received the tragic news that a partner of the Iglesia Presbiteriana de Colombia, Albeiro Suárez, was assassinated last week. Albeiro was an ex-combatant of the FARC* and leader of a community in Meta in central Colombia. Albeiro was a leader of a community of ex-combatants and was deeply committed to the peace process in … Read More
  • Lamentations 5 Rewritten A Rewritten Lamentations 5 (10/30/2020) - By Timothy Wotring, member of Presbyterian Peace Fellowship’s Executive Committee During this time of quarantine and protest; of rage and frustration; of confusion and fear, the Bible provides for us a much-needed resource: lament. Six centuries before the birth of Christ, the Babylonian Empire ransacked Jerusalem in Ancient Judah. They forcefully removed thousands of Hebrew … Read More
  • It’s past time for a new way – Defund the police reflection (10/17/2020) - This reflection comes to us from Ashley Bair, who is working for PPF during our deep focus on defunding the police. Contact Ashley: It’s past time for a new way.  That was the message my neighbors and I carried when we met on a lawn in late May. We were there out of necessity. … Read More