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  • A Prayer for November 2018 (11/6/2018) - Holy One,   Do you still look at creation at say “it is good”? Do you still look at your people and believe we are worth saving? What do you say when you look at us today? What do you think when you see what we have done with your good world?   We look … Read More
  • The UN Climate Report is Devastating… And That Doesn’t Let Us Off the Hook. (10/23/2018) - At first I saw the headlines on Facebook from articles that friends were posting: Major Climate Report Describes a Strong Risk of Crisis as early as 2040 [1]… We Have 12 Years to Limit Climate Change Catastrophe, UN Warns [2]… UN Says Climate Genocide Coming, But It’s Worse Than That [3]… Honestly, I couldn’t read them. I … Read More
  • Look and Listen: Colombia Accompanier Training in Tucson (10/9/2018) - This past weekend, I was one of 18 participants in the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship’s Discernment and Training for the Colombia Accompaniment Program (CAP). During an intense three days, we sought to learn the history of the nation of Colombia over the past 50 years, explore the origin of the CAP and dig into the nitty-gritty … Read More
  • Community, Commitment, and Creativity: A Summary Reflection of the 2018 Activist Council Gathering in Minneapolis, MN (9/25/2018) - Creativity, Community, Commitment. These were some of the themes that emerged during the two and a half days that the Activist Council gathered in Minneapolis at the Church of All Nations September 20-22. Our time began with a panel led by staff and members of the Church of All Nations and the Underground Seminary. Since … Read More
  • End Immigrant Detention: PPF Co-Moderator Arrested in ICE Protest (9/10/2018) - By Aric Clark We were seated in a circle, singing and praying, around a makeshift altar with a candle and some flowers as they came to arrest us. We were listening to stories about the men detained in the Sheridan, Oregon federal penitentiary. Stories of the immigrants and asylum seekers who had been detained in … Read More
  • My First Activist Council Gathering (8/28/2018) - My first Activist Council Gathering was in Chicago April 2017.  I arrived tired (we left home at 3am) and anxious; these were my theological and social justice heroes.  I had followed their work for years.  7 years to be exact.  In 2010, I had been to Washington DC for advocacy days when I learned about … Read More