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  • Care and Action during Coronavirus – Webinars (3/31/2020) -  
  • Community during coronavirus (3/13/2020) - This is a week that is asking a lot of all of us, as Covid-19 has been declared a pandemic. So many elements of life and community are being forced to adapt and change on a very fast timeline, and so many people are facing great uncertainty and very understandable fear. We know how to … Read More
  • Why General Assembly Matters…for Presbyterians and beyond the PC(USA) (2/24/2020) - By Emily Brewer and Rick Ufford-Chase We’ve heard it. We’ve probably said it. Maybe you have too: Does General Assembly even matter? Does it change anything? Is it worth all of the time and money and energy that hundreds and even thousands of Presbyterians spend on it?  (Also, maybe you’re saying “I’m not even sure … Read More
  • 2020 Peaceseeker Award: Michelle Muñiz Vega (2/18/2020) - PPF is honored to announce that the 2020 Peaceseeker is Michelle Muñiz Vega. The Peaceseeker Award has given annually by PPF since the 1960’s to call attention to and celebrate Presbyterians who are making a significant contribution to peace, and Michelle is certainly a significant contribution to peace in Puerto Rico and in the PCUSA. … Read More
  • Two people stand in front of the US-Mexico border fence in Agua Prieta, painted as a mural with a butterfly in the center of a heart. Specifics and the Systems on the Border – Accompaniment Report from CPT Partners (1/21/2020) - This report is written by Carol Rose, an accompanier with Christian Peacemaker Teams, and was originally posted here . Together, Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and CPT seek to provide continuous short-term accompaniment at the request of our partners in Agua Prieta. We are glad to partner with CPT in this way to support out partners in … Read More
  • Colombians join together to begin a national strike again on Jan 21, calling for intersectional justice (1/20/2020) - In the United States, today is the day that we celebrate and remember the life, teachings, and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Perhaps more than anyone else in US consciousness, Dr. King embodies the ethic of nonviolence. Like King, our Colombian partners understand that nonviolence is not passive. It is active and … Read More