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  • Princeton Seminary must be accountable to ethical investment (4/19/2023) - Written by: Seminarians for Peace and Justice at Princeton Theological Seminary, and endorsed by Presbyterians for Abolition Recently, a group of Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS) alumni and current studentsreleased a petition to the Princeton Seminary community demanding that the chairperson of theboard of trustees, Michael Fisch, be removed. The basis for this demand is Fisch’s … Read More
  • Say no to Biden’s Asylum Ban (3/14/2023) - The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship opposes the Biden Administration’s proposed rule change that would make asylum claims much more difficult for certain asylum seekers. The proposed change would take effect when the CDC’s Title 42 Public Health Order related to Covid ends. The new rules, which could take effect as early as mid-May, only apply to … Read More
  • I have a secret (2/1/2023) - My seatmate, Mary, was no exception as she said to me, “I need to confess. I have only told 2 other people about this. Last year - I bought a gun...
  • Another Sunday in America (11/23/2022) - Sermon by: Rev. David Ensign, Interim Director at PPF Yesterday I preached at Trinity Presbyterian in Harrisonburg, Va., the congregation where the Revs. Jim and Roxana Atwood made their faith community in retirement. For Presbyterians, Jim is the patron saint of gun violence prevention, and a friend from our days together in National Capital Presbytery. … Read More
  • Standing in the right place (6/21/2022) - It’s hard to know where to start. The forces of voter suppression have been playing a “long game” for generations but their efforts have really ramped up after the 2020 election.
  • If you are interested in gun violence prevention: start somewhere. (6/21/2022) - We continued the conversation with our group. Someone said that gun buyback programs don’t work. Someone else said, yes, they do work. In the face of a cultural view that gun buybacks don’t work, we decided to give it a try. We were all jammed in my office and we thought of the words from Isaiah: swords into plowshares. Someone asked, how about Guns to Gardens?