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  • Why white churches need to start chopping up guns (5/18/2022) - By: Rev. Deanna Hollas Another weekend of gun violence has captured the public’s attention as an 18 year old white male went on the hunt targeting Black bodied people shopping for groceries in Buffalo NY and a gunman opened fire during a lunch of the Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church meeting at Geneva Presbyterian Church in … Read More
  • Statement on SCOTUS leak about abortion (5/6/2022) - Presbyterian Peace Fellowship affirms the moral agency of women and all people who can become pregnant. We are resolute in our commitment to uphold the right of reproductive freedom in this nation. Presbyterians have long insisted that “God alone is Lord of the conscience.” In the wake of news that a majority on the United … Read More
  • Nonviolent resistance is the only thing that will ultimately save Ukraine (3/22/2022) - So rather than saying, "Nonviolent resistance is also good and worth supporting" I am of the opinion that nonviolent resistance is the only thing that will ultimately save Ukraine. I believe there is much more nonviolent resistance happening than we here in this country know about, and even the corporate media that loves to beat the drums of war has reported on some of it.
  • Presbyterian Peace Fellowship Statement on Ukraine: We oppose all war (3/4/2022) - The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship calls for an immediate halt to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and a return to diplomatic talks. The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship (PPF) opposes all war. We maintain that the nonviolent realism of Jesus is more compelling than the so-called realism that attempts to justify war by any party. Here are some … Read More
  • “The Power of Beauty” (3/2/2022) - A Sermon by Rev. Ben Daniel at Montclair Presbyterian Church in Oakland, California February 27, 2022 Luke 9:34-36 In my sermon last week, I spoke a bit about how the situation in Ukraine was causing me to re-live a lot of my childhood nightmares about Nuclear War. I am, after all, a child of the … Read More
  • A prayer for Ukraine (2/24/2022) - God,  We sigh. We sigh because words cannot express our anguish, our hurt, our despair, knowing that siblings in Ukraine are fleeing their homes for their lives, that the cities and towns that hold memories and culture and history may be destroyed.  Paul tells us in his letter to the Romans that the Spirit intercedes … Read More