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  • It’s past time for a new way – Defund the police reflection (10/17/2020) - This reflection comes to us from Ashley Bair, who is working for PPF during our deep focus on defunding the police. Contact Ashley: It’s past time for a new way.  That was the message my neighbors and I carried when we met on a lawn in late May. We were there out of necessity. … Read More
  • Defund the Police Reflection – from Jennifer Soule-Hill (10/13/2020) - As we continue our deep focus on defunding the police, we’re sharing reflections from the PPF community about learning and action around abolition, police, and policing. This reflection comes to us from PPF Executive Committee member Jennifer Soule-Hill, about Derecka Purnell’s essay, How I Became A Police Abolitionist, which many different groups in PPF have … Read More
  • Hope Must Not Die / La Esperanza no debe morir (9/24/2020) - Update from Germán Zárate-Durier – Colombia Coordinator for PPF Accompaniment Program Español abajo / Spanish below. The global crisis caused by the Coronavirus (COVID 19) has led to changes in the daily life of all humanity, and we will never go back to what we were before the pandemic. Many sectors of society – social, … Read More
  • Why PPF is doing a 6-month deep focus on #DefundThePolice (9/23/2020) - From PPF’s ED Emily Brewer — Three months ago, we started to talk and grieve the murder of George Floyd, and we were also three months into a global pandemic. I was feeling isolated and overwhelmed and, quite frankly, pretty unsure whether we could ever create the kind of world where people are truly safe … Read More
  • Barstow-Driver 2020: Honoring Linda Eastwood (9/14/2020) - The Barstow-Driver Award was created in 2014 by the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship in order to specifically honor those who are over sixty years old and have taken significant risks for the cause of nonviolent peacemaking. It is our desire to honor these leaders of our movement and to honor them in their local hometown or … Read More
  • Large crowd gathered at night in protests in Portland Oregon in front of Justice Center where teargas was used Why Pacifists Need To Join The Riot (8/11/2020) - This post comes to us from Rev. Aric Clark, PPF Co-Moderator. Sign up here for PPF’s upcoming Action Circles about defunding the police. There is an observable and predictable progression many protesters undergo in the Portland Uprising which is now entering its 71st night of continuous resistance. The first time someone shows up they usually … Read More