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  • A Veteran’s Day Reflection (11/11/2021) -

    Our failed war in Afghanistan of 20 years should be a flashing red light and blaring siren of warning of the futility of war and military adventurism.

    Back in 1998 Secretary of State Madeline Albright famously declared, “If we have to use force, it is because we are America. We are the indispensable nation. We stand tall.” With those words...

  • The Third Displacement (10/29/2021) - Reflecting on the situations families are facing in trying to seek justice under the law, this pastor asked, “Is the law just the strong hand of the rich?” It seems like the answer is yes. The IPC keeps pushing for peace with justice, and keeps accompanying the victims and survivors of violence. Our role is to keep listening, keep learning, and keep walking alongside the IPC as they raise these questions. 
  • Guns2Gardens: Become a disarming congregation (9/14/2021) - Holding space for grief and trauma is why we are asking churches to become disarming congregations.  We want to end gun violence and to do so involves more than just taking guns out of homes.  Churches can be agents of transformation for not just the gun as it is disarmed and turned into a garden tool, but also for people. 
  • Leaving with more questions (9/14/2021) - When people have experienced violence or committed acts of violence, what is justice? We have heard it several times, "without justice, we can't have peace."
  • Violence in Afghanistan not inevitable (8/31/2021) - The crisis in Afghanistan right now as the United States pulls out after two decades of war is only inevitable (as President Biden has said it is) if we think war is inevitable. The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship condemns military action by any party to a conflict, holding it to be usually counter-productive and always contrary to the Christian gospel.
  • Afghanistan and the Futility of War (8/27/2021) - By Rev. Ben Daniel, Pastor of Montclair Presbyterian Church, a PC(USA) Peace Church One way or another, any American Christian who professes an affinity for pacifism eventually must answer a difficult question: “what about crimes against humanity and other tragic atrocities? Should not the United States’ military be deployed to prevent the unmitigated evil humans … Read More