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September 2021 the NRA marked the 150th anniversary of its existence and the achievement of its goal of “guns everywhere.” We now have approximately 400 million guns in civilian hands.
What else has 150 years of the NRA brought us?
Death: Over 100 people die every day from gun violence, with 200 more wounded, making dying by gun violence the leading cause of death for children and youth in the United States.
Trauma: We have thousands of children traumatized in their schools and neighborhoods which greatly impacts their ability to learn and thrive.
Fear: Our communities have internalized a culture of fear knowing we could be shot at the mall, a movie theatre, a concert, a night club and even at the grocery store buying food for our families.

150 years of the NRA has created a world where gun industry profits matter more than human lives. It is time for the church to say: Enough.

We can say NO MORE and begin creating a different world. A world that embodies the vision of the prophet Isaiah — where swords will be beaten into plowshares and children will no longer learn the way of violence.
PPF is asking you join with other congregations across the United States to host a disarming event at your church.
  • Invite people in your church or community to safely surrender guns that they no longer want.
  • Pray with or listen to the story of the person bringing the unwanted gun.
  • All you need is a chop saw.
  • Send the scrap parts to RAWtools to be made into garden tools or art. 

Sign up for our Guns to Gardens Fall Action Circle 

Move your congregation from passion and study to action by signing up for the fall action circle which will offer support and training for your community to host its first disarming event in early 2022. The action circles are three sessions which will help you to bring your congregation on board, guide you through logistical concerns, and prepare you to care for those who will bring firearms for disarming.

Fall Cohort Dates: 

October 12, October 26 and November 9 — all sessions beginning at 6:00pm ET

PC(USA) Policy on Gun Violence

The 219th General Assembly (2010) unanimously approved this ground-breaking report, Gun Violence, Gospel Values: Mobilizing in Response to God’s Call. Click here to download the full report (pdf)
Download the Report

Your Congregation Can Prevent Gun Violence

And we can help. PPF’s Congregational Toolkit for Gun Violence Prevention is a wealth of resources for conversation, study, and organizing. Updated in 2021!

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