Fossil Free

For God’s Creation

We believe in a Presbyterian Church that does not profit from climate change. Jesus calls us to love God and neighbor. John Calvin says, “The only right stewardship is that which is tested by the rule of love.” Knowing what we now know about climate change, especially its effects on those already living in poverty, as well as our neighbors of other species, the Church can no longer follow the rule of love and profit from the fossil fuel industry.

Presbyterians, and all people of faith, are always called to serve the earth.

This is God’s call for all humanity from the very beginning (Genesis 2:15). While fossil fuels have allowed us to create a better world for many, we now know its impact on creation and future generations is threatening the life we know and cherish. As we confess that failure, we must listen to and engage with the people in frontline communities who are already experiencing climate change, to better understand the human toll climate change has taken and will continue to take on God’s children.

How to get involved:

  • Support the overture to divest the PC(USA) from fossil fuels! Download the language here.
  • Engage your Presbytery in divesting from fossil fuels and employ fossil fuel free screens on your investments as an individual or congregation – resources here.
  • Follow Fossil Free PCUSA on Facebook for updates and action opportunities.


PPF community on the Walk for a Fossil Free Future – from Louisville, Kentucky to the 2018 General Assembly in St. Louis, Missouri.

Recent History of Fossil Free PC(USA)

  • 2017: Fossil Free PCUSA and Presbyterian Peace Fellowship entered into a new relationship, making  Fossil Free PCUSA a project of PPF. In this partnership, both Fossil Free PCUSA and Presbyterian Peace Fellowship reaffirm a commitment to nonviolence, caring for creation, and working against racism in the Church and the world.
  • 2018: we completed a 260-mile Walk for A Fossil Free World, in support of our Overture to the 2018 Presbyterian General Assembly. Resources from the walk are available here.
  • 2019, we co-hosted a delegation to Puerto Rico – you can read delegates’ reflections here.